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Executive Empathic Coaching is a 1-1 support offered to executives who are looking for improving or fine-tuning their work performance. Based on Neuro-Linguistic Programmation (NLP), Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and modern coaching best practices, Executive Empathic Coaching provides effective ways to make changes through an empathic and connecting atmosphere.

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The Learning Empathic Coaching Program is a vehicle for people who want to learn to become empathic coaches or executive empathic coaches.

The LIVE version of program is organized around four three-day intensives: EC Level 1, EC Level 2, EC level 3 and a Supervision Program. an Empathic Coaching Certification is available once all programs are taken and required hours of practice and documentation are provided.

The Live Online version happens through a series of 18 90-minute video-conferences over a period of six months.

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