Initial Connection

We get to know you. Really. Deeply. This happens through video-conferences, interviews, surveys. We assess what is currently non-empathic leadership at four levels: Personal, Interpersonal, Collective and Systemic. We then propose a plan to turn the non-empathic into Empathic Leadership. Once we have an agreement, we’re ready to move to the next phase, the Applied Foundations.


Empathic Leadership Applied Foundations

Empathic leadership extended applied foundations (THREE DAYS) 

This offering dives deeper in implementing the shift from non-empathic to empathic Leadership in specific current initiatives. (…)

Empathic leadership applied foundations (One day) 

Through this offering we help you infuse with Empathic Leadership some specific initiatives that are being rolled out right now or about to be. (…)


Empathic Leadership Applications

ELI’s Applications are designed to address typical challenges faced by organizations. They can be mixed and matched to form custom-designed comprehensive Programs. (more on this below). They are components of ELI’s Productive Interaction Methodology ™.

intra-personal empathic leadership

Empathy is not something that only flows outward. Before focussing on how it is to be in someone else’s shoes, we need to be clear on how is it to be in our own shoes. This application is the starting point of our Productive Interactions Methodology™.


collective empathic leadership

We’ll look at how to have Productive Interactions, infused with Empathic Leadership Principles and skills, within groups meetings at various sizes.


inter-personal empathic leadership

With this application we learn to exert our EL outwards, in the context of conversations with a few people. We provide guidelines and tools to learn how have Productive Interactions in various contexts, circumstances, level of intensity and importance.


Systemic empathic leadership

EL mindsets and skillsets are powerful and transformative to a certain extent. When the systems and structures are non-empathic it is hard to evolve empathically through them.

This application offer possibilities of flipping theses structures from non-empathic to empathic, optimizing the capacity of the culture to be able to use ELI’s Productive Interactions Methodology™ with success.


Comprehensive Programs

The comprehensive Programs are long term projects designed to infuse your organization with Empathic Leadership mindsets and skill sets and implement ELI’s Productive Interactions Methodology™ at various levels. We have identified three main applications based on where your organization is. For instance, ELI’s team can provide expertise at the very early stage of when a new organization is created, or we can team up with the leaders driving transformation and change within an existing organization, or we can intervene on a ad hoc basis to an existing organization which is going through a specific situation. Below are more details on each of these programs.

Accompanying change ELI Program

The Accompanying Change Program is designed for organizations which are already committed to the empathic leadership transformation. Driving change inside an existing organization is never easy: this program has been created to accompany and enhance the transformation process by working very closely with the organization leaders and change agents. Two main hurdles arise when implementing empathic changes, on the one hand there is internal resistance to adopt new forms of expression and interaction. On the other hand, organization processes become less productive and the level of frustration tends to augment. In both cases, ELI’s Productive Interactions Methodology™ provides proven tools to face these blockers, remove them and actually learn new empathic leadership responses. When accompanying empathic transformation ELI’s team recognizes that each organization is unique and our approach is to provide support for as long as needed and at the capacity required agreed upon with the organization stakeholders.

The new organisation ELI Program


The culture empathic enhancement ELI Program