Empathic Leadership Programs

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The Empathic Leadership Bootcamp is an online program organized around four modules and designed to offer a foundation on its main concepts. Each module requires approximately 2 hours of study.

The Empathic Leadership Bootcamp is a prerequisite for Empathic Leadership Certification and the Deep Empathic Leadership Immersion.

Participants will learn:

  • The distinction between empathic and non-empathic responses and alienating languages.

  • How to speak in language that describes what you saw or heard, expressed in neutral language without an interpretation or evaluation of what happened.  

  • How to make Solution request (clear, positive, do-able).  Positive means framing the request in a way that asks the person to do something (not stop something).  Clear means both people understand the request and the agreement.  Do-able means that it is possible and measurable.

  • How to integrate check-in requests in your conversations (asking for reactions or input.)

  • Identify and reduce blame and judgments we have for self and others.

  • Recognize the main leadership breaking points and apply relevant empathic leadership solutions.

  • How to practically apply the learned content


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The Empathic Leadership Certification has for components: Difficult Conversations, Group Facilitation, Supervised Implementation and Final Certification. It can be done between 4 and 12 months . Most of the learning happens online, in an asynchronous way but 1-1 sessions with trainers are added.

Here’s an overview of each component:

Difficult Conversations

Participants will learn a step-by-step Empathic Leadership process related to preparing for and navigating difficult conversations, based on the conversational leadership breaking points and their empathic counterparts

Group Facilitation

In this component, the learner will access the core Empathic Leadership Group Facilitation skills and mindsets, leading to hold meetings that are both connecting and effective.

Supervised Implementation

At this point of the course, the participants will focus on implementing the skills on specific situations, with the help of an Empathic Leadership Institute trainer

Final Certification

This segment will consist in skill-building role-plays, continuation of the implementation and finally the production of the necessary document to assess knowledge of the content. A certificate of completion will be issued once all steps are completed in a satisfactory way


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The Empathic Leadership Experience is a 1-day or 2-day program designed to intensely infuse participants with both an experience of what Empathic Leadership is and an intellectual understanding of how that works. On top of that they’ll be able to zoom in on their particular challenges and integrate empathic leadership solutions together, leveraging the synergistic component available through group work and access to collective intelligence.

Other benefits are a deeper sense of trust and connection in the group.

The program is organized in 4 segments:

  1. Foundations of Empathic Leadership

  2. Leadership Breaking Points and Empathic Solutions


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The Deep Empathic Leadership Immersion is a 6 to 8 month experience, available to groups of teams.

At ELI we understand that creating an Empathic Leadership mindset culture takes time and effort. Trying to tackle such cultural shift by a typical training program of management, human resources, etc. has been proven of limited effectiveness to obtain long lasting changes. Our extensive experience training and coaching individuals and organizations worldwide has lead us to adopt a more effective phased approach.


We get to know you. Really. Deeply. This happens through video-conferences, interviews, assessments and surveys. The purpose is to first clarify what is important for all stakeholders and then to detect the current non-empathic responses in your organization.

We then propose a plan to turn the non-empathic into empathic leadership using ELI’s Productive Interactions Methodology.  Once we have an agreement, we move to the next phase: the Applied Implementation Sessions.


In these sessions, we collaborate with people in charge to implement the empathic responses identified during the Initial Connection period. This implementation will be organized around the four dimensions: Self, Others, Group and Systemic.

These sessions include the four components of our Productive Interactions Methodology: Focus on Needs, on Presence, on Clarity and on Expansion of Awareness. They are geared towards very concrete situations and workplace dynamics and the outcome of these sessions is that an empathic leadership infusion action plan is completed.


Follow-up sessions are designed to support the implementation of the action plan through a variety of options ranging from email touch base to 1-1 coaching, group webinars or additional presence of ELI consultants at the workplace.

These sessions are not an add-on; they are a structural part of our work. Effective implementation takes time and inevitably goes through turbulences and unexpected twists and turns, therefore asking for continued involvement from us.